The face of Sven Uilhoorn.

Sven Uilhoorn

Interaction Designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands
+316 11 294 LinkedIn
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Three screenshots of the mobile website of the Gemeente Groningen.

Gemeente Groningen Mobile

First smartphone website of the municipality of Groningen. Based on mobile interaction recommendations, analysing other sites and the Gemeente Groningen style guide, I designed wireframes and mock-ups.

I got about 40 hours to come up with mock-ups, without doing actual user tests and with only a very concise set of requirements. The final product was implemented and served for about three years.

View page designs (pdf)
Screenshot from the game showing a 2D wide train station in Gaudi like architecture style.

Imagine Cup game entry

Entry for the 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup. During the last year of our studies we entered this international competition. The goal was to develop a game raising awareness for the world's toughest problems.

Despite various difficulties with our lead programmer, thus having to switch up our concept three times, we reached the Dutch final. Our prototype existed mostly on paper and a five minute demo.

View Dutch Final presentation (pdf)
Game screenshot displaying multiple tables in perspective. Each table has 4 columns and 6 rows, each cell representing an hour. Tasks can be dragged into these cells, and can be selected at the right. Small parts of the results/evaluation and field expert screens are also visible.

Plan van Aanpak

Serious game about the plan of action for secondary school students. Students were very bad at assigning tasks in the right order and having all team members spend equal time on the project.

The game teaches them, using an actual project they're doing, how to allocate the right amount of time and team members to various tasks, and how some tasks have to be completed to be able to continue.

Watch gameplay video on Vimeo (opens in new screen)
Small parts of the game screen visible, showing list items that can be dragged from left to right and vice versa.

Programma van Eisen

Serious game for secondary school students. The game teaches students how to set up a plan of requirements. Although they can try right away to select the right requirements, that will often go wrong.

They learn to use desk research and consult field experts. Survey throwing, a mini game where players had to fire surveys at the right audiences. Doing all three successfully unlocks useful information.

Watch gameplay video on Vimeo (opens in new screen)
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