The face of Sven Uilhoorn.

Sven Uilhoorn

Interaction- and Game Designer based in Groningen, the Netherlands
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A Piacere (2019 - )

Prototype of a board game about the era of composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, with players playing as composers to earn points from compositions created.

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Club Magazine Squadraat (2020)

For the third year in a row, three ~80 page magazines a year for student squash club Squadraat. They include tournament reports, squash related articles, interviews, quotes from members and pictures from events.

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Squadraat (2019)

Website for student squash club Squadraat, aimed at serving existing members with news, forms and (members-only) photos and documents, while also serving Dutch and international potential members.

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The full game board of the Admiralen board game in the middle of a play test session with card of both players at each side.

Compagnie├źn (2014 - )

Prototype of a strategic and tactical board game around the Dutch merchant fleets during the Dutch Golden Age. Each player controls a fleet to compete for the biggest profits, battle victories and settlement control.

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Frontpage of the CosyRacingCommunity website, showing the top half of the forum page with the navigation bar and current racing series boards.

Cosy Racing Community (2016)

Website and forum for my international sim racing community. The final product is a highly customised MyBB forum. This is the home of respectful, low-preparation, friendly but still competitive racing.

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Screenshots of the different pages of the Gibu website, both from the mobile and desktop version.

Gibu Bestratingen (2016)

For paving company Gibu I designed and developed a website that shows their most relevant projects, explains their strengths, experience and process and let's potential clients get in touch.

Redesign by me planned soon.

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Screenshots of different page types of the Schove Groep websites, both mobile and desktop

Student Housing & Insurance (2015)

Two websites aimed at very different demographics. The student housing site serves housing for students and starters. The insurance site provides financial services and insurance aimed at medium income households.

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Design Vision

Contrary to most "UX" designers who often solely rely on quantivative research, I think qualitative research is essential as a cost effective method to design interaction that's based on behaviour. Even low-cost user research through interviews and observation proved highly effective for me in coming up with solutions that are useful and intuitive for the user.

Quantitative research is of course useful to describe trends, differences between groups and demographics. But interaction design is about behaviour. Therefore I think real problems can only be correctly, and more importantly with more certainty, be indentified, tested and solved by observing real users performing realistic tasks in a natural setting.

I do not believe in Lorem Ipsum neither; design without the actual content is nothing more than decoration. The user doesn't care about decoration or beauty if he can't complete his goals, beauty is not a good way to judge user experience. Beauty can easily lead away from good user experience by letting go of usability standards, quality information architecture and thoughtful interactions.

Tools & Skills

I work daily in software like Photoshop, Illustrator and do front-end stuff regularly. I've built Wordpress themes from scratch and heavily customized a MyBB installation. Therefore I am quite familiar with HTML, CSS and PHP. I usually go for simple and solid solutions and keep away from hacks.

In terms of management, I use Trello (Kanban) for almost everything, both for doing projects and everyday tasks. Maybe less useful in my field is my experience in Excel and Word, I let a card game run mostly automatically in Excel and can set up templates in Word very easily.

Working in teams of course would mean expanding to tools like Sketch. Luckily I'm a quick learner and don't mind learning something if I will actually use it. So even if I'm not familiar with the tool your team is currently using, I'm quite sure I'll adapt soon enough. Everyone started at zero.

About Me

I'm not a very avid video gamer anymore, but since 2009, in the early years as a team, I'm running an online simulation racing community that's racing weekly on Assetto Corsa (PC). I prepare car classes, make car skins, promote and process results. Occasionally I keep members calm and nice.

That aside, I play squash, football, swim, do diving board tricks and pool regularly. Strategy board games like El Grande and Concordia take up most of my Saturday evenings, aside playing my own board games. Musical interests include jazz, hip-hop, drum and bass, detroit house, world music and electronic.

I'm a strong supporter of online privacy and am very aware of the negative psychological effects of social media, hence you won't find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. ..and I play FIFA without assists.